As Above So Below
A 1 of 1 zine that describes the relationship between traditional forms of magic and modern technology such as the internet. This zine presents research concepts and aesthetics used to create the As Above So Below Video.

Graphic Design, Zine

As Above So Below Video
A video collage that shows the aesthetic, philosophical, and literal connection between the internet, technology, and traditional forms of magic.


Street Value
"Street Value" is the final installment in the zine series of the same name. This project aims to highlight the elements and moments I find valuable in New York City. Consolidating themes from its two predecessors, the zine features original photography captured during walks in the Lower East Side and Chinatown.

"Street Value" incorporates screenshots from Google Maps, offering a juxtaposition that explores the evolving cataloging and valuation of a street over time through use of technology. This zine provides a reflection on the interplay between personal perception, urban landscapes, and the influence of technology.
Graphic Design, Zine, Photography

“Street” is a one-of-one zine created to document walking around Chinatown and the Lower East Side. The zine aims to showcase the beautiful mundane moments I notice and often encounter while walking around these areas. It is the second installment in the 'Street Value' zine series. Category
Graphic Design, Zine, Photography

Pixel Prison

"Pixel Prison" is a digital collage that explores the internet and its profound impact on my personal identity. This artwork, with the file dimensions of a desktop backround, delves into my experience growing up with limitless online access. 

The piece navigates the 'post-Internet' aesthetic I often explore in my work, providing a composition that mirrors the chaotic and diverse landscape of modern online culture. Through integrating internet and movie refrences, and subtle nods to capitalism, the collage becomes a multifaceted exploration of my experiences and reflections on life when we are plugged in to our technology.

Graphic Design

"Value" is a one-of-one zine that delves into my perceived attachment to material possessions. This exploration involved a meticulous cataloging of my clothing collection, one that is  embarrassingly large, causing myself and the veiwer to reflect on the reasons behind assigning value to non-essential items.

"Value" serves a dual purpose, functioning as both a documentation of my possessions and a subtle self-portrait. Despite my absence from the zine's visual narrative, I paint a picture of myself, and my style, through the curated selection of personal belongings. The use of an X-acto Knife to remove my presence from the styled and modeled outfits provided me with a layer of self contemplation and adds another depth to the project.

Through photography and tactile graphic design, "Value" captures the essence of my identity by focusing on the carefully curated outfits, providing a glimpse into the significance of each item. This zine prombts viewers to question the nature of value, materialism, and the relationship between personal identity and possessions.

“Value” is the first zine in the “Street Value” zine series
Graphic Design, Zine, Photography

6 experimental, ambient, and dance tracks, produced, mixed, and mastered by me over the past summer while being home.

Magic is everywhere, you just need to know where to find it.

Light Beams Visualizer
Filmed and edited during the production of "Magic," the Light Beams visualizer establishes a visual world for both the song and the EP as a whole. Made while I was visiting the town I grew up going to over the summer, the video and the EP function as an homage to the natural beauty of my hometown.
Video, Music

Proxemics in New York City
Photography  and research project about how spaces interact with people and, in turn, how people interact with spaces. Click here for an essay I wrote on this topic.