"Value" is a one-of-one zine that delves into my perceived attachment to material possessions. This exploration involved a meticulous cataloging of my clothing collection, one that is  embarrassingly large, causing myself and the veiwer to reflect on the reasons behind assigning value to non-essential items.

"Value" serves a dual purpose, functioning as both a documentation of my possessions and a subtle self-portrait. Despite my absence from the zine's visual narrative, I paint a picture of myself, and my style, through the curated selection of personal belongings. The use of an X-acto Knife to remove my presence from the styled and modeled outfits provided me with a layer of self contemplation and adds another depth to the project.

Through photography and tactile graphic design, "Value" captures the essence of my identity by focusing on the carefully curated outfits, providing a glimpse into the significance of each item. This zine prombts viewers to question the nature of value, materialism, and the relationship between personal identity and possessions.

“Value” is the first zine in the “Street Value” zine series
Graphic Design, Zine, Photography